My Story

Dear friends, 

For many of us, these last few years have been extremely difficult. We have seen how many in our communities have been targeted based on their status, gender, and race. We have seen countless attempts at rolling back our civil rights and protections. We have seen how elected leaders have continued to spread messages of hate, xenophobia, and racism. Our community deserves better. Our community deserves leadership that reflects our values and who we are. That is why I have decided to stand up and run for Chula Vista City Council District 4! 

As the daughter of immigrants who found their home in Chula Vista, I am committed to ensuring that everyone in Chula Vista is welcomed with open arms just like my family was. I know the struggles our families face every day. After facing homelessness at a very young age with my family, I understand the fear and uncertainty that come with rising housing costs. As a woman, I know the challenges we face in the workplace when we are not paid equally and have no support with basic services like childcare and maternity leave. For years, I have dedicated myself to working with local governments to build better communities for all of us. As a small business owner and advocate, I understand the challenges many face in keeping their doors open. Our district has suffered for too long. Our kids deserve better schools, better parks, and opportunities to build a better life. Our families deserve to know that they are safe in their neighborhood and that our first responders will arrive promptly in an emergency.  

Like many of you, this is my home. It is my neighborhood, my community. Today, we take the first step in building a better future for District 4. One in which we bring middle class jobs into our community. One in which every working family can have the opportunity to own their own home. One in which every person regardless of gender, sexual preference, religion, or status feels welcomed and safe. It is time that we put our progressive values to work and bring leadership that reflects us. Join me and let’s get to work on building a Chula Vista for all of us! 

In solidarity,